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The Division of General Internal Medicine (DGIM) at Massachusetts General Hospital encompasses more than 400 general medicine physicians with world-renowned programs in teaching and training, research, clinical practice, hospital medicine, consultative medicine, global health, innovation and scholarship.

The DGIM is an integrated, coordinated group that works across clinical areas to develop innovative new programs addressing health care needs in clinics, hospitals, patients’ homes and the community. The Practice-Based Research and Quality Improvement Network (PBRQIN), a patient-centered research program dedicated to designing innovative ways to deliver preventive care and disease management, is one example of a DGIM research project that has affected systems throughout Mass General.

Our residency and fellowship programs develop sustainable career paths in academic primary care as well as community-based health centers and have become a model for academic engagement. 

1977: Medical Practices Evaluation Unit established. 

1950's: John Stoeckle hired as Chairman of the Out Patient Department, Chairman of the Committee on Clinics. 

1973: MGH established the nation's 1st internship and residency program in primary adult medicine. 

1971: The General Executive Committee convened a committee under John Mills to review ambulatory care at MGH  drawing attention to primary care in particular and defining it as “those health services forming the initial contacts between doctor and patient, the diagnosis and treatment of common disease, and the measures constituting preventive medicine and health maintenance.” 

1972: Internal Medicine Associates (IMA) established with the goal to provide the explicit starting point for the future integration of clinical care, teaching and research. 

1995: The Medical Practices Evaluation Center (which evolved from the Medical Practices Evaluation Unit) had diversified into the Clinical Epidemiology Unit, the Health Policy Research and Development Unit, the Health Statistics Research Program, the Clinical Decision Support Program, the Tobacco research and Treatment Program and the Geriatrics Research Program. 

2000: John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation Founded -- devoted to revitalizing and redesigning the deliver of primary care. 


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