Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Research Staff, Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School 

Dr. Ashburner is an epidemiologist within the Division of General Internal Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He completed his Master’s and Doctoral studies in Epidemiology at Boston University School of Public Health. He has worked directly with the MGH Primary Care Practice-Based Research Network to develop, test, and implement population-based interventions within primary care systems. Dr. Ashburner’s research has focused on cardiovascular disease prevention, specifically on anticoagulation, risk of stroke, and risk of bleeding complications among patients with atrial fibrillation. He is co-investigator of an ongoing 16-practice randomized controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of screening for undiagnosed atrial fibrillation as part of usual care at primary care visits. Dr. Ashburner has a career development award from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute focused on using natural language processing to identify risk factors and predict risk of developing atrial fibrillation, and to conduct a pilot risk-guided population-based screening study.